13 facts about 1959 Jefferson Nickel 

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Mintage Mystery: The 1959 Jefferson Nickel had a mintage of over 120 million. That's a lot of nickels to potentially discover!

Design Delight: The coin's obverse features a left-facing portrait of Thomas Jefferson, while the reverse showcases his historic home, Monticello.

Key Varieties: Look out for the "Proof" version of this coin. It's known for its immaculate finish and is highly sought after by collectors.

Mint Marks Matter: Coins from the Philadelphia Mint bear no mint mark. However, those from the Denver Mint sport a "D" and from the San Francisco Mint bear an "S".

Silver Scarcity:Unlike its predecessors,the 1959 Jefferson Nickel contains only 25% nickel with the rest being copper.Nickel was in high demand due to its use in weaponry during World War II.

Condition Conundrum: The coin's value heavily depends on its condition. Coins in uncirculated condition fetch a premium.

Savvy Collectors: Seasoned collectors know that mint-state coins should exhibit a sharp strike and lustrous surfaces.

Pricing Puzzles: The value of the 1959 Jefferson Nickel can vary widely based on market demand and rarity. Online coin marketplaces often fluctuate.

Rarity Factor: While the coin itself is not extremely rare, finding one in pristine condition can be a challenge due to its extensive circulation.

Grading Game: Professional coin grading services assess the coin's condition on a scale, adding credibility to its value.

Historical Significance: The 1959 Jefferson Nickel represents a slice of American history, with its design paying homage to one of the nation's Founding Fathers.

Market Trends: Keep an eye on coin collecting forums and publications for the latest insights into the value and trends surrounding this nickel.

Preservation Pointers: If you're lucky enough to own this piece of history, store it in a protective holder to prevent wear and maintain its value.

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