13 facts about 1959 Washington Quarter

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Mintage Numbers Matter: With a low mintage of 18,847,294, the 1959 Washington Quarter is a rarity that collectors eagerly seek.

Brilliant Uncirculated Shine: If you find a 1959 Quarter in uncirculated condition, its pristine shine adds significant value to your collection.

Silver Composition: Crafted from 90% silver and 10% copper, this quarter contains historical value and precious metals.

Sought-After Mint Marks: Mint marks like 'D' (Denver) and 'S' (San Francisco) can impact the coin's worth. The elusive 'S' mint mark is particularly valuable.

Grading Influences Price: Professional coin grading services assess the condition of your coin, affecting its value.

Variety in Dies: Varieties in the dies used during minting can create distinct features, making some coins more valuable than others.

Full Bands Designation: A well-defined separation between the quarter's bands on the torch signifies its high strike quality and adds value.

Historical Significance: The year 1959 holds historical events that can intertwine with the coin's value, creating a unique narrative.

Auction Excitement: Keep an eye on coin auctions, where the 1959 Washington Quarter can fetch impressive prices among eager bidders.

Collector Demand: The growing community of coin collectors contributes to the increasing demand for this iconic quarter.

Market Trends: Stay updated on market trends and collector preferences to gauge the best time to buy or sell.

Educational Resources: Online guides and forums provide valuable insights into the nuances of collecting and valuing coins.

Preservation is Key: Proper storage and handling of your 1959 Washington Quarter will maintain its value over time.

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