13 facts about 1961 Franklin Half Dollar 

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Historical Significance: The 1961 Franklin Half Dollar is a shimmering piece of history, minted during a pivotal era in the United States.

Benjamin Franklin's Portrait: The coin showcases the esteemed Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin, on the obverse side, a tribute to his multifaceted contributions.

Striking Design: The coin's intricate design by Gilroy Roberts captures Franklin's profile with remarkable detail, making it a masterpiece in numismatic art.

Silver Composition: Crafted in 90% silver and 10% copper, the coin's precious metal content adds to its allure for collectors and investors alike.

Mint Marks: Keep an eye out for the "D" (Denver) and "P" (Philadelphia) mint marks on the reverse side, affecting the coin's rarity and value.

Mintage Numbers: With a limited mintage, these coins are relatively scarce compared to other years, enhancing their desirability.

Condition Matters: Just like any collectible, the coin's condition significantly influences its value. Higher-grade coins fetch premium prices.

Collectors' Favorite: The 1961 Franklin Half Dollar is a favorite among coin collectors due to its balance of historical significance and aesthetic appeal.

Numismatic Trends: Stay updated with current numismatic trends to gauge the demand and potential future value of this iconic coin.

Auction Excitement: At coin auctions, the 1961 Franklin Half Dollar has been known to spark bidding wars, driving its value skyward.

Investment Potential: Beyond its artistic value, these coins have proven to be wise investments, appreciating in value over time.

Coin Grading: Familiarize yourself with coin grading scales to accurately assess the condition of a 1961 Franklin Half Dollar.

Online Resources: The internet is a treasure trove of information. Explore online coin forums and databases to connect with fellow collectors and learn more about this remarkable coin.

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