13 facts about 1961 Roosevelt Dime 

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Historic Beginnings: The 1961 Roosevelt Dime holds a special place in history as it marked the end of the silver era.This year was the last time dimes were made with 90% silver content.

Mint Marks Matter: Keep an eye out for the mint mark! Dimes from different mints could have varying values.The 'D' mint mark and the 'S' mint mark can make a difference.

Scarce in Proof: If you're lucky enough to find a 1961 Roosevelt Dime in proof condition, you've struck gold – well,silver. 

Condition is King: Just like any collectible, condition matters. Dimes in uncirculated condition, free from wear and tear, tend to command higher prices.

Low Mintage Alert: Compared to other years, the 1961 dime has a relatively lower mintage. This rarity can make it more desirable to collectors seeking a unique piece.

The Hunt for Full Bands: "Full Bands" refers to the complete separation of bands on the torch held by the obverse. 

Auction Action: Keep an eye on coin auctions! Prices realized at auctions can give you a solid idea of the current market value for the 1961 Roosevelt Dime.

Grading Insights: Coin grading organizations like NGC and PCGS assess coins' condition and authenticity. A higher grade can significantly impact the coin's value.

Silver vs. Copper-Nickel: In 1965, the composition of dimes changed from 90% silver to copper-nickel. This adds to the uniqueness of the silver-era dimes.

Historical Context: Connect with history! The 1961 dime can serve as a tangible link to the events and culture of that era, adding depth to your collection.

Collecting Community: Join online forums and communities of fellow collectors. Engage in discussions about the 1961 Roosevelt Dime and gain insights from experienced numismatists.

Error Varieties: Keep an eye out for coins with minting errors – they're like hidden gems. Error varieties can amplify the coin's worth due to their rarity.

Sentimental Value: Beyond its monetary value, the 1961 Roosevelt Dime might hold sentimental value. Perhaps it was passed down through generations, making it a cherished family heirloom.

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