13 facts about 1962 Jefferson Nickel 

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Rare Beginnings: The 1962 Jefferson Nickel is a rarity. With limited minting, it's a gem coveted by collectors.

Mint Marks Matter: Keep an eye out for mint marks! The "D" (Denver) and "S" (San Francisco) marks can affect its value significantly.

Brilliant Uncirculated: A 1962 Nickel in mint condition can fetch a premium price due to its flawless appearance.

Silver Scare: Until 1965, Nickels had silver content. The '62 Nickel's silver-free, making it distinct.

Doubled Die Delight: Some coins exhibit doubled die features, adding uniqueness and value to the mix.

Sought-After Errors: Errors happen! And they can make a '62 Nickel worth much more than its face value.

Historical Snapshot: This Nickel emerged during a dynamic era—consider its historical context when assessing value.

Grading Game: The condition is crucial. From Poor to Mint State, grading influences its price tag.

Auction Adventures: Keep tabs on auctions; you might snag a '62 Nickel at a surprising value.

Hidden Varieties: There are subtle variations in design and strike—these intricacies impact the coin's allure.

Collectors' Cheers: Numismatists treasure these coins; their demand contributes to their value.

Age vs. Value: Generally, older coins are worth more, but the '62 Nickel's scarcity bucks the trend.

Expert Insights: Seeking professional guidance can unveil the hidden potential of your '62 Nickel.

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