13 facts about 1962 Washington Quarter

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Minted in '62: The 1962 Washington Quarter was minted as a tribute to America's first president, George Washington.

Silver Standard: These quarters were composed of 90% silver and 10% copper, adding to their numismatic and intrinsic value.

Numismatic Demand: Over the years, the numismatic demand for the '62 Washington Quarter has steadily grown, influencing its value.

Mintage Numbers: Approximately 58 million 1962 Washington Quarters were produced, affecting their scarcity and value.

Mint Mark Varieties: Keep an eye out for "D" and "S" mint marks, indicating coins minted in Denver and San Francisco, respectively.

Uncirculated Rarity: Finding an uncirculated '62 Washington Quarter can be a thrilling discovery, as its condition significantly impacts its worth.

Key Date Potential: Some coins from 1962 may have minting variations or small errors, transforming them into key date coins sought after by collectors.

Grading Matters: Coin grading, ranging from Poor (P) to Perfect Mint State (MS-70), determines its condition and value.

Auction Excitement: Rare and high-grade 1962 Washington Quarters often create a buzz at coin auctions, with collectors eager to add them to their collections.

Value Trends: Keeping track of value trends in the numismatic market can help you gauge the potential worth of your '62 Washington Quarter.

Online Resources: Numerous online platforms provide updated information and price guides for the 1962 Washington Quarter, aiding collectors and sellers.

Historical Significance: Beyond its numismatic value, the '62 Washington Quarter symbolizes a particular era in U.S. history.

Passion-Driven Hobby: Coin collecting is more than just a hobby; it's a passion that connects individuals with history and the thrill of discovery.

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