13 facts about 1966 Washington Quarter 

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Rare Year: The 1966 Washington Quarter is a rare find among collectors, making it highly sought after.

Silver Composition: These quarters are composed of 90% silver and 10% copper, adding to their intrinsic value.

Mint Marks: Look for mint marks like "D" (Denver Mint) and "S" (San Francisco Mint) on the coin, as they can impact its value.

Condition Matters: Just like any collectible, the condition of the coin greatly influences its value. Coins in better condition fetch higher prices.

Uncirculated vs. Circulated: Uncirculated coins, with no signs of wear, are more valuable than those that have been in circulation.

Grading Scale: The Sheldon Coin Grading Scale rates coins from Poor (P-1) to Perfect (MS-70). Higher grades mean higher values.

Varieties Exist: Keep an eye out for any variations in design or minting errors. These can significantly increase the coin's value.

Historical Significance: The 1966 Quarter holds historical importance as a piece of the United States' numismatic heritage.

Collector Demand: As more people venture into coin collecting, the demand for rare quarters like the 1966 edition is on the rise.

Online Markets: Websites and online marketplaces provide a platform to buy, sell, or trade these coins with collectors worldwide.

Auction Excitement: Rare coin auctions often feature the 1966 Washington Quarter, where its value can soar based on bidding competition.

Expert Appraisal: Getting your coin appraised by numismatic experts can give you an accurate idea of its current market value.

Investment Potential: With the growing interest in rare coins, holding onto your 1966 Washington Quarter could be a rewarding long-term investment.

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