13 facts about 1986 Lincoln Penny 

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Birth of the Design: The 1986 Lincoln Penny showcases the iconic profile of Abraham Lincoln on the obverse, designed by Victor David Brenner. It's a timeless representation of the 16th U.S. President.

Copper Core: Despite its shiny appearance, the penny is primarily composed of copper. This metal gives it the distinct color and unique properties numismatists love.

Mint Marks Matter: Keep an eye out for the "D" mint mark. Pennies minted in Denver bear this mark and might hold a bit more value due to their limited production.

Sought-After S Mint Mark: If you stumble upon an "S" mint mark, you've hit the jackpot. San Francisco minted these pennies in smaller quantities, making them a gem among collectors.

Proofs for Perfectionists: Proof coins are struck with meticulous care, showcasing exceptional detail and mirror-like finishes. The 1986 Lincoln Penny proof edition is a true work of art.

Doubled Dies Drama: Some 1986 pennies exhibit doubled die varieties, making certain elements appear doubled due to a minting anomaly. These rarities can send collectors into a frenzy.

An Alloy Anomaly: Occasionally, you might encounter a penny with an odd alloy composition. These errors, like off-metal strikes, add an element of surprise to your collection.

A Tribute to Statue of Liberty: The reverse side features the Lincoln Memorial, which pays homage to the Statue of Liberty. It's a reminder of the values that bind the nation.

The Copper Conundrum: Copper prices fluctuate, affecting the value of copper-based coins. Keep an eye on market trends that might impact your penny's worth.

Condition is King: A well-preserved penny can fetch a higher value than a worn one. Factors like wear, scratches, and blemishes play a role in determining its grade.

Grading Games: Grading services assess a coin's condition, assigning a grade that impacts its value. Understand the grading scale to better gauge your penny's worth.

Market Demand: Just like any collectible, supply and demand influence the value. A high demand for a specific grade or variety can drive prices upward.

Historical Significance: Beyond its numismatic value, the 1986 Lincoln Penny is a piece of history. It reflects the era's culture, events, and societal changes.

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