13 facts about 1986 Quarter 

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Historical Significance: The 1986 quarter holds a special place in numismatic history. It was a year of transition, as both the old-style Washington Quarter and the new Statehood Quarters were minted.

Design Evolution: The iconic image of George Washington underwent a transformation in 1986. The quarter's design shifted from the traditional portrait to a more detailed and lifelike portrayal.

P Mintmark Debut: 1986 marked the return of the Philadelphia (P) mintmark on circulating coins after a 21-year absence. This change makes certain 1986 quarters more sought after by collectors.

Denver Mint Varieties: Keep an eye out for 1986-D quarters! The Denver mint produced a substantial number of these coins, but certain die varieties are rarer and can fetch higher values.

Proof Sets Shine: Proof sets from 1986 showcase the quarter's new design with exquisite detail. Collectors value these sets for their mirror-like finishes and flawless appearance.

Deep Cameo Gems: Among the proof coins, Deep Cameo examples stand out. These coins exhibit striking contrast between the frosted devices and the mirror-like fields.

Sought-After Errors: Every collector dreams of finding an error coin. Some 1986 quarters exhibit minting irregularities that can turn a common coin into a treasure trove.

Double Die Discoveries: Double die varieties, where elements are doubled due to a misalignment during minting, add a layer of intrigue to 1986 quarters. Look closely – you might spot one!

The Wondrous 1986-S: San Francisco (S mintmark) quarters are a delight for collectors. Keep an eye out for both regular and proof versions of these coins.

Condition Is Key: As with any collectible, condition significantly impacts value. Well-preserved 1986 quarters, especially in higher grades, are more valuable to collectors.

Market Demand: The popularity of collecting has surged over the years. This heightened demand has positively influenced the value of many 1986 quarter varieties.

Online Resources: The digital age has brought coin collecting into the 21st century. Online platforms provide a wealth of information for collectors to identify and value their coins.

Thrill of the Hunt: The joy of numismatics lies in the hunt. Exploring pocket change, visiting coin shows, and connecting with fellow collectors adds excitement to the hobby.

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