13 facts about 1986 Silver Eagle Dollar 

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Mintage Mystery: The 1986 Silver Eagle Dollar holds a special place in history as the first release in the American Silver Eagle series. 

Precious Purity: Crafted with .999 fine silver, this coin contains a full troy ounce of pure silver. Its pristine quality contributes to its enduring appeal.

Lady Liberty Shines: The obverse of the coin features the iconic Walking Liberty design, originally seen on the 1916 half dollar. Lady Liberty's graceful stride captivates hearts to this day.

Breathtaking Bald Eagle: The reverse boasts a powerful bald eagle design by John Mercanti, showcasing the nation's strength and resilience.

Numismatic Grading: To determine the value of your 1986 Silver Eagle Dollar, its condition matters. Grading services like NGC and PCGS assess factors like wear and imperfections to assign it a grade.

Key Dates: Not all 1986 Silver Eagles are equal. Keep an eye out for coins minted at the San Francisco Mint, distinguished by the "S" mintmark. These are rarer and often hold higher value.

Proofs of Excellence: Proof versions, with their polished finishes and expert craftsmanship, are struck for collectors. They exhibit remarkable detail and are prized by numismatists.

Historic Holders: Original packaging adds charm. The 1986 Silver Eagle Dollar was often housed in a blue United States Mint velvet display case, complete with a certificate of authenticity.

Market Demand: The demand for Silver Eagle Dollars has surged over the years, making it a sought-after investment opportunity in addition to its collector's appeal.

Silver Market Influence: The fluctuating price of silver impacts the coin's value. Keep an eye on the precious metals market to gauge potential value shifts.

Numismatic vs. Intrinsic: While the coin contains silver, its numismatic value often surpasses its intrinsic worth due to collector interest and rarity.

Online Resources: The digital age offers a wealth of resources to assess the value and market trends of your 1986 Silver Eagle Dollar. Websites, forums, and price guides can be invaluable tools.

Collectors' Community: Join fellow enthusiasts in discussing, trading, and sharing insights about the 1986 Silver Eagle Dollar. 

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