13 facts about 1987 Lincoln Penny 

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Mintage Mystery: The 1987 Lincoln Penny saw a mintage of over 4 billion coins. That's a lot of Lincolns!

Copper Goodness: These pennies are made of 95% copper, giving them a unique reddish-brown hue.

Small Date vs. Large Date: Look closely! There are two varieties of the 1987 penny with distinct date sizes.

Mint Mark Variations: Keep an eye out for "D" and "P" mint marks, denoting Denver and Philadelphia mints.

Die Varieties: Some pennies exhibit variations in design details due to differences in the dies used.

Double Die Delight: The 1987 penny experienced a rare double die variety, making certain coins stand out.

Sought-After Errors: Error coins, like the "Rotated Die" variety, are highly sought by collectors.

Uncirculated Treasures: Uncirculated 1987 pennies, kept in pristine condition, are numismatic gems.

Grading Matters: Coin grading impacts value. A higher-grade penny could be worth more than you think.

Market Demand: The value of these pennies can vary based on collector demand and market trends.

Auction Adventures: Some 1987 Lincoln Pennies have fetched impressive prices at coin auctions.

Preservation Is Key: Store your pennies in a cool, dry place to preserve their condition and value.

The Journey Continues: The 1987 Lincoln Penny carries a piece of history and continues to captivate collectors worldwide.

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