13 facts about 1995 Kennedy Half Dollar

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Rare Year: The 1995 Kennedy Half Dollar is a standout due to its scarcity, making it a sought-after collector's item.

Limited Mintage: With only 1.5 million minted, it's one of the lowest mintage years for Kennedy Half Dollars.

Proofs Shine: The 1995 Proof version boasts exquisite mirror-like surfaces, enhancing its appeal.

Double Die Rarity: Some 1995 halves exhibit double die features, adding intrigue to the hunt for unique pieces.

Slight Design Changes: Look closely for minor design variations, making each coin distinct.

Condition Matters: The coin's value greatly depends on its condition, with uncirculated pieces commanding higher prices.

Grading Impact: Professional grading can significantly affect the coin's value, so choose wisely.

Market Demand: The 1995 Kennedy Half Dollar's popularity is on the rise among collectors and investors.

Historical Significance: Commemorating JFK's legacy, this coin holds historical and sentimental value.

Investment Potential: Due to its rarity and increasing demand, it presents a potential investment opportunity.

Online Resources: Utilize online forums and guides to stay updated on market trends and insights.

Authentication Is Key: Be cautious of counterfeits; authentication is crucial to ensure value.

Growing Value: Experts predict that the value of the 1995 Kennedy Half Dollar will continue to appreciate.

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