13 facts about 1995 Quarter 

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Rare Minting Errors: Some 1995 quarters exhibit unique minting errors, like off-center strikes or double-die varieties, increasing their rarity and value.

Philadelphia and Denver Mints: Quarters from both the Philadelphia and Denver mints were produced in 1995, each with subtle differences that collectors eagerly seek.

Proof Sets Shine: Proof sets released in '95 contain quarters with a polished, mirror-like finish, making them a favorite among collectors and driving up their value.

Sought-After Designs: The 1995 quarter features a captivating design showcasing the "Law Enforcement Memorial" theme, adding to its appeal.

Silver Clad Composition: These quarters are composed of outer layers of copper-nickel bonded to a center layer of copper, which impacts their intrinsic value.

Grading Matters: The condition of your quarter greatly influences its value. Higher grades command premium prices in the collector's market.

Limited Mintage: Compared to other years, fewer 1995 quarters were minted, making them relatively scarce and more desirable.

Numismatic Evolution: Delve into the evolution of numismatics by exploring the historical context surrounding the creation of these quarters.

Collecting Community: Join a vibrant community of collectors eager to trade, discuss, and showcase their prized 1995 quarters.

Online Valuation Tools: Numerous online tools assist collectors in assessing the value of their 1995 quarters based on factors like condition and rarity.

Market Trends: Stay informed about market trends, as the value of these quarters can fluctuate based on collector demand and economic factors.

Variety of Finishes: Beyond proof sets, discover quarters with different finishes, such as uncirculated and circulated, each contributing to their uniqueness.

Preserving Value: Proper storage and care can maintain and even enhance the value of your 1995 quarters over time.

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