13 Most Expensive Fruits Found Around the World

Yubari King Melon:Grown in Yubari,Japan,these melons are known for their perfect round shape,sweet flavor and vibrant orange flesh.A pair of Yubari King melons once sold for $45,000 at an auction.

Ruby Roman Grapes:These grapes from Ishikawa, Japan, are known for their large size and exceptional sweetness.A bunch of Ruby Roman grapes sold for approximately $11,000 at an auction in 2016.

Densuke Watermelon: Grown exclusively in Hokkaido, Japan, these black-skinned watermelons are incredibly rare. One Densuke watermelon once sold for around $6,100 at an auction.

Pineapples from the Lost Gardens of Heligan:These grown in the UK's Lost Gardens of Heligan, require years of careful cultivation in special Victorian-era greenhouses and cost around $1,600.

Dekopon Citrus: Also known as Sumo Citrus, these seedless mandarins are large, sweet, and easy to peel. A box of Dekopon citrus can cost around $80 or more, depending on the season and quality.

Sembikiya Queen Strawberries:These luxury strawberries from Japan are exceptionally large and boast a high sugar content.A package of Sembikiya Queen strawberries can cost several hundred dollars.

Buddha-Shaped Pears: Grown in China, these pears are specially cultivated in molds that give them the shape of Buddha. A pair of these pears can cost around $9.

Taiyo no Tamago Mangoes: Grown in Japan, these premium mangoes are known for their golden color, exceptional sweetness, and velvety texture. A single Taiyo no Tamago mango can cost around $3,000.

Square Watermelons: Grown in Japan, square watermelons are meticulously cultivated to fit into small refrigerators. These novelty fruits can cost approximately $100 or more.

Roman Grapes: Grown near Rome, Italy, these grapes are cultivated in volcanic soil, which contributes to their unique flavor. A bunch of Roman grapes can cost around $2,600.

Zill's Black Cherry Tomatoes: These small, rare tomatoes are known for their rich, complex flavor. A packet of Zill's Black Cherry tomato seeds can cost around $7.

Sekai Ichi Apples: Grown in Japan, Sekai Ichi apples are renowned for their enormous size and exceptional crispness. A single Sekai Ichi apple can cost around $21.

Strawberries Arnaud: these strawberries are hand-selected, soaked in red wine, and coated with sugar. A bowl of Strawberries Arnaud can cost around $9,000.

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