14 Rarest Cat Eye Colors

Amber: Amber eyes have a golden or coppery color with a hint of green. They are more commonly seen in certain cat breeds, such as Abyssinians and Burmese.

Odd-Eyed: Odd-eyed cats have one eye that is a different color from the other. This condition, known as heterochromia, is relatively rare but can be seen in various cat breeds.

Copper: Copper eyes have a rich, warm color that is often seen in certain breeds, including Somali and Ocicat cats.

Chinchilla: Chinchilla cats have eyes that appear light blue or greenish-blue with a silvery sheen. This eye color is seen in breeds like Persian and British Shorthair cats.

Aqua: Aqua eyes have a bright blue-green color that is often associated with the Siamese and Balinese breeds.

Amber-Green: Amber-green eyes have a mix of golden and green tones, creating a unique and captivating color. They are sometimes seen in Norwegian Forest cats and Turkish Vans.

Lilac: Lilac eyes have a pale, lavender-like hue and are seen in cats with dilute coat colors, such as the Lilac Point Siamese.

Silver: Silver eyes have a reflective appearance with a bluish-gray or silver tone. They are found in certain breeds, including Russian Blues and Nebelungs.

Chartreuse: Chartreuse eyes have a vibrant yellow-green color and are more commonly seen in certain breeds, such as the Chartreux and British Shorthair.

Orange: Orange or amber-orange eyes are often seen in cats with orange or red coat colors, such as ginger or tabby cats.

Hazel: Hazel eyes have a mix of green, gold, and brown tones, creating a beautiful and unique color. They can be seen in various cat breeds.

Violet: Violet eyes have a bluish-purple shade and are relatively rare. They can be seen in certain cats with white coat patterns, such as the Turkish Van.

Gold: Gold eyes have a deep, rich gold color and are often associated with breeds like the Bengal and Egyptian Mau.

Blue: While blue eyes are more common in certain cat breeds like Siamese and Ragdoll, they are still relatively rare in the overall cat population.

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