15 reasons why we love living in Australia

Koalas - If we are feeling particularly cheeky we call them 'Drop Bears', scaring the living daylights out of our foreign friends.

Waterproof money - We have waterproof notes! How awesome is that?

Aussies are tough - It is a universal fact that Aussies are tough as nails. We live in a country with about 1,500 types of spiders, 10 of which are deadly poisonous.

Our Nicole - Nicole Kidman is one of our finest exports, making us proud over in Hollywood.

Emu - We eat the animal featured on the crest of Australia. Don't mess with us.

Wildlife - Not all our wildlife wants to maim or kill us. Some of it is very pretty, like this turtle for example.

Australian Lifeguard Service - We salute you all! These men and women have been keeping us safe since we were nippers.

Kangaroos - I mean, what other country has kangaroos? None. That's right.

Cricket - The perfect way to spend a day.

Uluru - Ancient, mysterious, in the middle of nowhere. It is also the largest monolith in the world at over 8 km wide at its widest point. We have all the amazing things in our backyard.

Spencer Lake - We have a bubblegum pink lake. Apparently, it is pink due to the organism Dunaliella salina, which lives inside it. Thanks, Dunaliella salina!

Fat kookaburra - Only in Australia would we need to put a kookaburra on a diet for eating too many snags. The greedy bird ate so many sausages she couldn't fly anymore!

Who ate all the pies - Nothing, literally nothing beats a proper Aussie pie.

Cattle ranch - Our biggest cattle range, Anna Creek Station, is bigger than all of Belgium! Take that Belgium!

Beaches - We have the best beaches in the world. The Kangaroo is optional.

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