1950s advice on how to find a husband

Get a job demonstrating fishing tackle in a sporting goods store - Give a man a fish, and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish, and he'll marry you!

On the first date, tell him you aren't thinking of getting married - A little reverse psychology goes a long way.

Make and sell toupees—bald men are easy catches! - Thankfully, bald men these days tend to wear their baldness with a little more pride and self-esteem.

Stand in a corner and cry softly… - "Chances are good that he'll come over to find out what's wrong." 

Don't be afraid to associate with more attractive girls… - Because when we think about husband material, we certainly think of beautiful women's leftovers!

Go back to your home town for a visit - The article adds: "The wild kid next door may have become a very eligible bachelor while you were away."

Paint your name and number on the roof… - "And say, 'Give me a buzz, pilots." When the men on land aren't calling, you've got to set your sights a little higher!

Stumble when you walk into a room he's in - Clumsy seems to be quite the attractive trait, as the guide also advises: "Wear a Band-Aid. People always ask what happened."

Ask his advice on what kind of perfume you should wear - This is hilariously preceded by the statement: "Men like to think they're authorities on perfume." 

Get lost at football games -
Set yourself up for a totally unplanned, candid meet-cute where he'll also think you're into sports! 

Take good care of your health -
This one almost sounds empowering, but then it's followed up with: "Men don't like girls who are ill." 

If you look good in sweaters, wear one on every third date - Obviously you can't go wrong wearing a sweater if you look good in them.

Learn to sew and wear something you have made yourself - This is a fantastic example of skills that were once seen as essential in a wife and now are dying rapidly.

Bribe a Ferris-wheel operator to get you stuck at the top - This is how you construct a perfect movie moment that is sure to snag a partner.

Stop being a mama's girl -
"Don't let him think he'll have in-law trouble, even if you know he will!" Hide all potential turnoffs until that ring is securely on your finger.

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