1964 Penny Value Guide

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Metal composition: The 1964 Penny, also known as the Lincoln Memorial Penny, is composed of 95% copper and 5% zinc.

Obverse design: The obverse (front) of the coin features a portrait of President Abraham Lincoln.

Reverse design: The reverse (back) of the coin showcases the Lincoln Memorial, designed by Frank Gasparro.

Mintage: The Philadelphia Mint struck over 2.5 billion pennies in 1964, making it the most common mint for this year.

Scarce 1964-D: The 1964-D penny from the Denver Mint is relatively scarce compared to the 1964 Philadelphia issue.

Low mintage for 1964-S: The 1964-S penny from the San Francisco Mint had a lower mintage than both the Philadelphia and Denver issues, making it somewhat more desirable to collectors.

Circulated condition: In circulated condition, a 1964 Penny is generally worth face value – one cent.

Uncirculated condition: Uncirculated 1964 Pennies may have a slight premium above face value, especially for those in mint-state condition.

Grading: The value of a 1964 Penny can increase significantly if it is professionally graded and certified by a reputable coin grading service.

Red vs. Brown: The color of a mint-state 1964 Penny can influence its value. "Red" pennies, which retain their original copper color, are more desirable to collectors than "Brown".

Mint errors: 1964 Pennies with mint errors, such as double-dies or off-center strikes, can command higher prices among collectors.

Die varieties: Some 1964 Pennies have slight variations in the design due to different dies used in the minting process. Certain die varieties can be more valuable to collectors.

Copper value: As of 2021, the copper in a 1964 Penny is worth slightly more than one cent, but it is illegal to melt U.S. pennies for their metal content.

Coin market fluctuations: The value of coins, including the 1964 Penny, can fluctuate over time due to changes in demand, market conditions, and collector interest.

Authentication: It's crucial to authenticate rare and valuable 1964 Pennies to ensure they are not counterfeits.

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