5 Animals with the Most Ridiculous Names

1. Wunderpus photogenicus: Wunderpus photogenicus is the scientific name for the wunderpus octopus, which alludes to its appearance.

2. Screaming hairy armadillo: The armadillo is far hairier than most other armadillo species. The "screaming" part refers to its tendency to loudly squeal when threatened by predators.

3. Pleasing fungus beetle: They're named after their habit of feeding on fungus, and some have gained notoriety as significant pests.

4. Spiny lumpsucker: The "sucker" part refers to the modified pelvic fins that act as adhesive discs, so they can stick onto rocks.

5. Satanic leaf-tailed gecko: Found only on the island of Madagascar, the satanic leaf-tailed gecko has a flattened tail that really does look like a leaf.