1. PLAIN-BELLIED WATER SNAKE-The plain-bellied water snake is the most common watersnake in Oklahoma, thriving in slow-moving streams,floodplains,rivers and other permanent waterbodies.

2. GREEN WATER SNAKE-This is a relatively common species found throughout Oklahoma’s waterways.This species has a bright green coloration, which helps it blend in with its aquatic environment.

3. COMMON WATER SNAKE-Midland water snakes are pale dark brown to grey with black to dark brown bands down their backs. The belly is usually yellow or white with black spots.

4. BANDED WATER SNAKE-These non-venomous and colubrid snakes are found in the southern half of Oklahoma, along the Red River drainage and near most freshwater bodies such as rivers,lakes.

5. DIAMOND-BACKED WATER SNAKE-They are one of the most common species of water snake in the region and can usually be seen basking on overhanging branches near water bodies, often looking for prey.

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