1.NUMBER OF SPECIES- There are only two living species of bison while there are six species of buffalo, plus some additional subspecies that are now considered species on their own.

2.DISTRIBUTION- the American bison, which is only found in North America.Buffaloes on the other hand are found in parts of Africa, Asia, and Southeast Asia.

3.SIZE-Generally,bison are larger than buffaloes.At shoulder height,bison can be between six to six and a half feet tall.Buffaloes tend to only grow as tall as five and a half feet tall.

4.HORNS-Both bison and buffaloes are equipped with horn, but these horns are not created equal! Bison have smaller horns than buffaloes that grow to be up to two feet.

5.COAT-American bison live in western North America where it gets colder.This is where their thick,shaggy coat comes in handy.In contrast, buffalo have a much shorter and thinner coat.

6.SHAPE-Bison have large heads and a protruding shoulder hump, which gives their fronts a much wider appearance.Buffaloes have a much smaller head relative to their overall body size.

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