6 Most Popular Thai Dishes

Chicken or pork satay are meat skewers marinated in spices and soybeans, grilled and accompanied by a peanut sauce.

Tom Yum
A typical soup, with ingredients stewed over low heat, which form a delicious and very spicy soup. Among the best known variants we find Tom Yum Gai , Tom Yum Goong , Tom Yum Moo .

Very simple, genuine and tasty dish, made with green papaya (unripe) finely cut into julienne and with an addition of garlic, chilli, dried shrimps, peanuts and blanched green beans.

The typical Thai curry although less known than the green curry.Phanaeng curry is a type of red curry , dense, salty and sweet, creamy, with the spicy flavor of lime.

Phad thai is a Thai noodles dish, commonly sold in Thailand not only in restaurants but also as a street food served in a banana leaf.

Thai curry is a dish of Thai cuisine made from currypaste, coconut milk or water, meat, seafood, vegetables or fruits and herbs.

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