6 tips to walk 10,000 steps a day

1.Take the stairs: Opt for stairs instead of taking the lift to increase your daily step count. Climbing stairs help maintain healthy bones,muscles,joints and keeps you active.

2.Walk and talk: Every time you take calls, choose to walk and talk over the phone instead of sitting in one place for too long.

3.Walk to commute: Skip travelling via vehicles for short distances and instead incorporate walking into your commute.

4.Meal breaks: Take a break after your meal and go out for a short walk. It will help improve digestion as you walk and refresh your mind.

5.Use a washroom far from you: Use a washroom that is at the farthest distance from you at your workplace as it will effectively help you achieve your walking goals.

6.Wear comfortable shoes: Wearing comfortable shoes that don't leave you tired is one of the most essential requirements for you to achieve your daily step count goals.

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