7 Brilliant Ways Seeds and Fruits Are Dispersed

Out to Sea: Coastal plants are generally very tolerant of salt water.

Explosive: Incredibly, a number of plant species utilize explosive force to fling their seeds away.

Digested: As evidenced by the plethora of tasty fruits in existence, many plants rely on being eaten as a means to move their seeds about. 

Fur and Feathers: Some seeds and fruits are adapted to stick to the fur or feathers (or clothing!) of unsuspecting animals.

Fly Away: Equipped with parachutes or wings, gliders, or helicopters, a diverse group of plants have adaptations for wind dispersal.

Fishy: Most people don’t think much about fish-plant interactions, but pacu fish play an important role in seed dispersal.

Buried Alive: Some plants have coevolved with animals in such a way that their seeds are collected and helpfully buried in a clever symbiosis.

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