7 of the Smallest Animals

Smallest frog: Adults of this New Guinea species are, on average, around 7.7 millimeters (0.3 inch) long.

Smallest snake: At 10.4 centimeters (4.1 inches), this is the smallest snake.

Smallest bird: Six centimeters (2.4 inches) at its largest, this species is the tiniest bird in the world.

Smallest fish: These Sumatran fish usually reach only around 10 millimeters (0.4 inch) at maturity.

Smallest shark: At around 20 centimeters (8 inches), this guy is the littlest of the sharks. 

Smallest cetacean: The smallest of the cetaceans, the group that contains whales and dolphins, this endangered porpoise.

Smallest mammal: At less than 3 grams (0.11 ounce), this tiny shrew is the smallest mammal.

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