7 Ways to Reveal Your Inner Beauty

Experts say an inner glow that makes you feel great – and warms the people around you – can be cultivated. Here are seven traits that belong in the mix.

1. Stand tall-We mean the flexible, relaxed kind that keeps your spine healthy,and keeps you feeling and looking long and lean. It’s healthier for your back to be a blade of tall grass.

2. Laugh often-laughter can reduce your risk for a heart attack by a whopping 40 percent, and help your body process blood sugar better.

3. Connect with bliss-This is the feeling of pure being that creates deep satisfaction. It changes us for the better. You can’t define or measure it, but you certainly know when you have it.

4. Say “thanks”-Feeling thankful increases feelings of optimism, reduces pain and fatigue, and boosts performance at school and at work.

5. Have (more) fun-Your mission is to make child-like fun your priority regularly, because sometimes, the best expression of inner beauty is a wild, uncontrolled grin. We know. 

6. Be generous-Helping out also activates areas of the brain crucial for planning and organizing daily life. You’ll even extend your life.

7. Practice authenticity-This sterling quality of authenticity is all about balance: You can act on what’s important to you, honor others, and meet them as equals.

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