The 8 Best Indoor Plants for Mental Health

Snake plant-Sword-shaped with dark green leaves and often mustard-yellow or white stripes make the snake plant stand out. “The snake plant, also known as ‘mother-in-law’s-tongue.

Spider plants-Spider plants, with light-green foliage with plenty of leaves, are another low-maintenance selection.

Aloe Vera-Drought-resistant and easy to grow, Aloe Vera can be a novice plant owner’s dream because they’re forgivable and adaptable. “Aloe Vera is low-maintenance–you can just water it monthly.

Pothos-Pothos have chartreuse oval heart-shaped and are adaptable plants. “They can exist in a lot of different ways as they grow long vines that can trail [or] hang from a pot and grow downwards.

Lavender-Lavender is a beautiful herb that attracts plenty of pollinators, such as bees and butterflies. And,well-known for its relaxing scent, lavender “has a calming effect, aids in reducing stress.

Basil-Basil is a summertime herb that loves the sun (it’s also a staple ingredient for a yummy homemade Margherita pizza). Not only is it delicious in meals, but eating basil has health benefits.

Lemon balm-This fragrant green herb is part of the mint family. it “Known for its calming properties, it has a light lemony scent that can be wonderfully intensified by rubbing the leaves.

Spearmint-Spearmint is a hardy herb, grows quickly, and is part of the mint family. “It is great to just smell the leaves, without even needing to make a tea, for an immediate soothing effect,” .

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