8 Best Things to Do in Danvers 

1. Rebecca Nurse Homestead-This was true for Rebecca Nurse, a God-fearing 71-year-old woman who had raised eight children to adulthood, all of whom were living in the area.

2. Endicott Park-On 165 acres, Endicott Park is a pastoral landscape, with orchards, woodlands, meadows, preserved historic farm buildings, a pond, and marshes.

3. Witchcraft Victims’ Memorial-That building was abandoned and torn down in 1702. The Witchcraft Victims’ Memorial pays tribute to the 25 people who died.

4. Glen Magna Farms-This is in the care of the Danvers Historical Society and is treasured in particular for its grounds and gardens which were laid out by Frederick Law.

5. Salem Village Historic District-This is the historic heart of Salem Village, and the epicenter of the mass hysteria that led to more than 200 accused, and more than 20 dead.

6. Israel Putnam House-A First Period building, the Israel Putnam House was built around 1648, and is the birthplace of the famed Revolutionary War general, Israel Putnam.

7. Endicott Pear Tree-The Endicott Pear Tree is held as the oldest surviving cultivated fruit tree in North America, standing as a remarkable living link to the earliest European settlers.

8. Danvers Rail Trail-The Danvers Rail Trail is along a piece of the Newburyport Branch of the former Boston and Maine Railroad, dating back to the 1850s.

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