8 Best Things to Do in Gardner

1. Dunn State Park-In 1915 one of Gardner’s furniture makers, John Ainsworth Dunn (1831-1915) bequeathed this valuable property, just east of the center to the town.

2. West Gardner Square Historic District-The solemn industrial, civic and commercial buildings of that “new” center can be appreciated at the sprawling, 340-acre West Gardner Square Historic District.

3. Gardner Museum-The library was initially funded by an endowment from the Heywood family, and was housed in this building until 1976.

4. Gardner Bicentennial Chair-Gardner has erected a succession of oversized novelty chairs, the first of which was made in 1905 and claimed to be the largest chair in the world.

5. Mount Wachusett Community College-The campus is celebrated for its use of renewable energy, provided by photovoltaic panels, a biomass plant and wind turbines.

6. Priscilla Candy Shop-This decadent treat consists of a soft chocolate center, similar to ganache, dipped in milk chocolate and then rolled in pieces of roasted cashew.

7. Smith’s Country Cheese-Renowned for its award-winning Gouda, Cheddar and Havarti, this dairy farm and creamery is within a ten-minute drive of Gardner Center.

8. Lake Wampanoag Wildlife Sanctuary-Savanna sparrows and bobolinks nest in the meadows in the summer, and on the trails you stand a good chance of sighting deer, bears, moose, coyotes and bobcats.

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