8 Best Things to Do in Stoughton

1. Stoughton Center-The most recognizable of these is the clock tower of Stoughton Station, built in the Romanesque Revival style using local stone in 1888.

2. Bird Street Conservation Area-A big chunk of southern Stoughton is protected as picture-perfect conservation land,brimming with wildlife and ideal for activities like hiking, mountain biking.

3. Stoughton Historical Society-One of the grandest buildings in Stoughton Center is the Lucius Clapp Memorial, a Renaissance Revival former library from 1903.

4. Town Spa Pizza-Town Spa Pizza had humble beginnings, setting up in the upstairs of a former furniture factory on Porter St and taking over the entire building by 1962.

5.Ames Long Pond-The south basin,with its serene wooded shoreline is the setting for the town’s supervised swimming program in summer at a neat little beach area on the west shore at 1000 Highland St.

6. Fuller Craft Museum-The Fuller Craft Museum was founded in 1946, and has a magnificent lakeside setting, couched in woodland where there’s an arresting display of sculpture.

7.D.W. Field Park-The Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton is next to a chain of linked water bodies that form the backbone of a 700+ acre park.Cross Pond, the southernmost, dates as far back as the 1790s.

8. Borderland State Park-On more than 1,800 acres, Borderland was purchased in 1906 by Harvard botanist Oakes Ames and his wife, the prominent suffragist and artist Blanche Ames.

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