1. WESTERN PYGMY RATTLESNAKE-It can grow to be 14 to 30 inches long. This is light to dark gray coloring, which includes large blotches of black in a row alternated with reddish-brown hues.

2. MUD SNAKES-These animals are also referred to as “hoop snakes” due to the popular belief that these reptiles will bite their own tails in order to roll on people.

3. EASTERN CORAL SNAKE- These snakes are typically 20 to 30 inches long and can be identified by their wide red and black rings with small yellow rings in between.

4. BLACK RACER-they are common throughout Alabama, with the northern subspecies primarily found in northeastern counties and the southern subspecies found throughout the rest of the state.

5. BLACK PINE SNAKE-It is a large, nonvenomous snake found in Alabama. These snakes range in length from 48 to 90 inches, have a darker coloring ranging from dark brown to black.

6. NORTHERN RINGNECK SNAKE-they appear to prefer moist, forested, and wooded areas with plenty of ground cover. You can also find these animals in moist, humid basements.

7. BLACK KINGSNAKES-They’re among the most commonly encountered snakes by humans and can be found in pine forests, swamps, farmsteads, urban areas, and near water areas such as stream banks.

8. COTTONMOUTH-It is one of the most feared, despite the fact that it’s not aggressive and only bites humans when provoked.