8 Carnivorous Plants That Eat Bugs

The purple pitcher plant is a carnivorous plant of the family Sarraceniaceae. 

Monkey Cup The name “monkey cup” is derived from the fact that monkeys were thought to drink rainwater from these pitcher plants. 

 Butterwort It has sticky hairs that help lure, trap, and digest bugs.

 Large Floating BladderwortThe state of Washington lists it as one of the most problematic aquatic plants due to its dense mat-forming habit.

 Alice Sundew It produces attractive scapes of reddish flowers, which play a key role in attracting bugs. 

 Yellow Pitcher PlantThe yellow pitcher plant is another pitcher plant in the family Sarraceniaceae.

Cobra lily, best known as the California pitcher plant, is a carnivorous plant in the family Sarraceniaceae.

Venus FlytrapThe Venus flytrap is one of the most common carnivorous plants native to subtropical wetlands. Its main prey consists of insects and arachnids.

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