8 Delicious British Foods You Must Try

1.Sunday Roast-With its origins dating back to the 1700s, traditional Sunday roasts have been enjoyed by British families for generations.

2 – Full English Breakfast-No Full English is fit for purpose without fried, scrambled, or poached eggs, as well as delicious fried or grilled bacon, on most Full English plates. 

3.Fish and Chips-Visiting a traditional chip shop at a British seaside town in itself is a wonderful experience.The smell of deep-fried chips and kidney pie wafting through the air is magical.

4 – Afternoon Tea-No British food sums up the country’s history with, and obsession of, class quite like afternoon tea. First introduced by the 7th Duchess of Bedford, Anna, in 1840.

5 – Shepherd’s Pie-Shepherd’s pie brings together some of the most beloved staples of the UK into one soothing, hearty British dish millions across the country love.

6 – Scotch Eggs-Scotch eggs can be served cold. This meant they were perfect for selling as snacks, rather than meals at certain times of the day.

7 – Pie and Mash-Simple, savory pies and mashed potatoes, separately, are common throughout the world, the combination of the two is a British food with a deep and important history.

8.Cornish pasties-it has given the world many wonderful things: none more-so than the Cornish pasty. Initially conjured up as a simple, transportable meat and vegetable pie for tin miners in Cornwall.

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