Top 8 Most Expensive PC Cases You Can Buy

CSAZ-804V PC Case: Another interesting-looking PC case on our list is CSAZ-804V by Azza, which has a pyramid case design with a sharp end at the top. 

CMT710 PC Case: Taiwanese manufacturer of electronic power supplies FSP came back with a futuristic-looking design for their latest PC case.

Enthoo Pro 2 PC Case: Phanteks Computer Design focused on the optimal airflow for the best performance in mind, with metal mesh material on the front panel and tempered glass on the side panel.

HAF 700 EVO PC Case: includes all the required features for the best PC experience. This case has sides from tempered glass.

Gemini X PC Case:  by Cougar Gaming is made of high-quality materials, with a unique concept of dual computing systems into one. 

E1 Bare Bones PC Case:  which became available just a month ago. Bare Bones PC frame structure comes from 3K plain weave carbon fiber.

WINBOT PC Case: Currently sold out, Winbot is a full-tower PC case with an extraordinary round shape. The PC supports high-end graphics cards, motherboards, and CPU heatsinks. 

TORQUE PC Case: Antec, Inc. has some of the best high-end PC cases, but Torque is one of the best premium cases the company has made. 

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