1. BELGIAN BLUE-The Belgian Blue is a cattle breed known for its double muscling—a genetic mutation that causes the animal to have extra muscles.

2. RED KANGAROO-This marsupial, native to Australia, boasts short but muscled forelimbs atop its bulky body. Its chest is broad and muscular.

3. GIRAFFE-The giraffe is the tallest of all land mammals, with a towering height of up to 18.7 feet. Its neck alone can weigh more than 600 pounds.

4. DRAFT HORSE-These massive and majestic animals are renowned for their strength and durability. Draft horses have large,muscular chests,strong legs,short necks, and broad heads.

5. CHIMPANZEE-They are incredibly strong and agile, able to climb trees with ease and use their upper body strength to swing from branch to branch.

6. BOER GOAT- It has impressive musculature, with large and thick hindquarters, a strong neck and shoulders, powerful legs, and a broad chest.

7. MOUNTAIN GORILLA-Native to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda, mountain gorillas are powerful primates that live in the mountains.

8. GRIZZLY BEAR- They have massive and muscular bodies, with powerful forelimbs and hind legs that can easily carry their weight of up to 800 pounds.

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