1.TREE SQUIRRELS-These rodents are known for their large, bushy tails. They primarily live in trees, which gives them easy access to their preferred food.

2.HOUSE MICE-Despite its name, the house mouse lives in the wild, though it prefers habitats that are near humans. It can be found all over North America.

3.RATS-There are several creatures are commonly referred to as rats, but the typical rat is a part of the rattus genus. One of the most common rat species.

4.PORCUPINES-There are two disctinct rodent families families are known as porcupines. Old World porcupines, or hystricidae, can be found in Asia.

5.CHIPMUNKS-The chipmunk is a small rodent, typically measuring between 2 and 6 inches long with a 3-inch tail. It’s easy to recognize chipmunks.

6.POCKET GOPHERS-Usually referred to as gophers, pocket gophers use their sharp claws to dig vast systems of tunnels. Since gophers primarily live underground.

7.BEAVERS-The beaver is a semiaquatic rodent, which means it splits its time between land and water! Beavers use rocks, muds, and tree branches .

8.HAMSTERS-These small rodents have short tails, which makes them stand out from other rodent species. In North America, hamsters are domesticated and kept as pets.