8 Proven Home Remedies For Hair Growth

How amla works: It's considered a natural immunity booster. In fact, experts say that it's the most sought-after natural ingredient for hair vitality.

How jojoba works: It's considered a soothing emollient. And it's often hailed as an effective leave-in treatment for dry hair.

How coconut oil helps: There are several reasons why people have sung paeans to coconut throughout the ages.

How castor oil works: It has been traditionally used for the treatment of damaged scalp and hair loss.

How shikakai works: This has been considered a highly effective home remedy for all kinds of hair problems.

How aloe vera works: Aloe vera has myriad benefits for our skin and hair mainly because of its strong contents.

How ACV works: It has the right ingredients for stronger and bouncier hair — Vitamin C, Vitamin Bs and acetic acid. 

How eggs work: As hair is made up of 70 percent keratin protein, eggs can be used to rebuild damaged and dry hair making it smooth and moisturised. 

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