8 Things in Hingham 

1. World’s End-A place of immense natural beauty, World’s End is a craggy peninsula on a chain of glacial drumlins between the Weir River and Hingham Harbor.

2. Downtown Hingham-Encompassing the earliest streets laid out in the town and reaching down to the harbor, Hingham’s upmarket center reaches back almost 400 years.

3. Bathing Beach-In summer, if you can time your visit to the window either side of high tide this is a fine place to enjoy the sand between your toes.

4. Loring Hall-Loring Hall dates back to 1852 and was built by the town as a place for social meetings, lectures and other functions, but had outlived its purpose by the 20th century.

5. Old Ship Church-On the gently rolling landscape behind is the Old Ship Burying Ground, where you’ll find the burial place of many of Hingham’s earliest settlers.

6. Hingham Heritage Museum-The headquarters and Hingham Heritage Museum are housed in the stately Old Derby Academy, built in the Federal style in 1818.

7. Bare Cove Park-There are five miles of paved and woodland trails in Bare Cove Park, with scenic riverside paths looking across to the wooded esker on the Weymouth bank.

8. The Old Ordinary-Hingham Historical Society maintains this early tavern that was donated in 1920 by the writer and philanthropist Wilmon Brewer (1895-1998).

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