8 Things in Rehoboth

1. Carpenter Museum-In the collection are household implements going back 400 years, maps, furniture, items of clothing, and plenty of Carpenter family heirlooms.

2. Anawan Rock-It was right here on August 28, 1676 that Anawan, a Wampanoag war chief, was captured by colonial forces led by Captain Benjamin Church.

3. Rehoboth Village & Dam-The Rehoboth Historical Commission has produced signs, pointing out the businesses that operated here at the dawn of the American Revolution.

4. Rehoboth State Forest-At the 138-acre Rehoboth State Forest you can discover a habitat that once covered much of eastern Massachusetts.

5. Ephraim Hunt Ministerial Land-over 60 acres,this Land is managed by the Rehoboth Land Trust, which purchased the property from the First Congregational Church.

6. Anawan Farm-This little family-run farm near Rehoboth State Forest has a stand selling a wide assortment of produce in the summer and fall.

7. Shad Factory Fish Ladder-There are benches by the water, as well as the remnants of the Orleans Mill, going back deep into the 19th century.

8. Goff Memorial Hall-The current Tudor-style hall is from 1915 and was built with bricks after the original wooden structure from 1886 burned down in 1911.

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