8 Things to Do in Lynnfield 

1. MarketStreet Lynnfield-Like many of its kind, MarketStreet Lynnfield is designed like a small town, with big sidewalks, street furniture and public gathering places.

2. Meetinghouse Common District-, the Centre Congregational Church dates back to 1832, with a sanctuary that was reconstructed following a fire in 1979.

3. Partridge Island Trail-More than 500 acres of Lynnfield’s land is occupied by Reedy Meadow, which is the largest parcel of freshwater cattail marsh in the state.

4. Rotary Park-As pretty as it is unfrequented, Rotary Park is a narrow strip of greenery along the Summer St shore of Pillings Pond.

5. Beaver Dam Brook Reservation-This property encompasses most of the watershed and recharge areas for well fields of the Lynnfield Center Water District.

6. Lynn Woods Reservation-Paths here, and along Route 1, lead south into Lynn Woods, linking with a trail system more than 30 miles in length.

7. Lake Quannapowitt-Lake Quannapowitt is fronted by a line of public parks, and you can stroll around the entirety of the lakeshore along a paved 3.2-mile trail.

8. Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site-The first integrated ironworks in North America was established a few short miles south of Lynnfield in Saugus.

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