8 Tourist Attractions in China

1.The Great Wall of China-"Nobody can be a true hero unless he has been on the Great Wall" goes the popular Chinese saying, one that clearly demonstrates the importance placed upon.

2.The Forbidden City & the Imperial Palace, Beijing-China's largest and most important building, the Forbidden City - also known as the Imperial Palace - is situated in the very heart of Beijing.

3.The Terracotta Army, Xi'an-It was while digging wells on the outskirts of Xi'an in the 1970s that farmers stumbled across what was to be China's most important archeological.

4.The Summer Palace, Beijing-An easy 15-kilometer commute from Beijing, the sumptuous Imperial Summer Palace (Yíhé Yuán) is set amid more than 700 acres of beautiful parkland.

5.Cruising the Li River, Guilin-The town of Guilin, in the northeast corner of Guangxi, boasts some of China's most beautiful countryside and is famous for the Li River.

6.Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding,Sichuan-No visit to China would be complete without at least one panda experience.While the country's top zoos boast fine specimens of these  creatures.

7.The Yangtze River and the Three Gorges-Known in China as Chang Jiang , the mighty Yangtze River extends more than 6,000 kilometers, making it the longest and most important river in China.

8.The Classical Gardens of Suzhou, Jiangsu-Considered one of the world's most important historic gardens - hence their designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site - the Classical Gardens of Suzhou.