8 Tourist Attractions in Turkey

1.Hagia Sophia (Aya Sofya) Mosque-Renowned as one of the most beautiful buildings in the world, the spellbinding Byzantine glory of the Hagia Sophia Mosque is not only one of the top things.

2.Ephesus-One of the most complete, still-standing famed cities of antiquity in the Mediterranean region,this is the place to experience what life must have been like during the Roman Empire.

3.Cappadocia-Cliff ridges and hill crests are home to rippling panoramas of wave-like rock or wacky-shaped pinnacles that have been formed by millennia of wind and water action.

4.Topkapi Palace-It was from here, during the 15th and 16th centuries, that the sultans of the Ottoman era carved out an empire that would extend up into Europe and down through the Middle East.

5.Pamukkale-One of Turkey's most famous natural wonders, the pure white travertine terraces of Pamukkale ("Cotton Castle" in English) cascade down .

6.Antalya-The two main beaches outside of town are sun-sloth heaven in summer and attract holidaymakers from across Europe. While the old town area, snug right in the center.

7.Cruising the Mediterranean-Turkey's Mediterranean coastline has ruins galore and many things to do, but for many people, it's all about soaking up the sun while enjoying the gorgeous coastal views.

8.Mount Nemrut-The top sightseeing drawcard for eastern Turkey, Mount Nemrut's summit funerary mound is scattered with the broken remnants of once mammoth statues, which guarded it.