8 Zoonotic Diseases

Tuberculosis: The zoonotic form of this bacterial disease is commonly acquired from cattle by inhaling droplets in the air.

Leptospirosic: Contact with the urine of infected dogs, mice, or rats, or with urine-contaminated materials, can quickly spread this debilitating disease

Salmonellosis: This very common bacterial infection can be transmitted through direct contact with animals such as dogs.

Melioidosis: This bacterial disease is commonly transmitted to humans through soil or water contaminated by sheep, goats, or pigs.

Pox diseases: A variety of animals, including primates, pigs, horses, and birds, can spread poxviruses, which are acquired through contact with infected animals.

Rabies: Dogs are the best-known culprit (see Old Yeller), but almost all mammals can spread the rabies virus.

Viral hemorrhagic fevers: These illnesses include some of the world’s most terrifying diseases, including Ebola, Lassa fever.

Giardiasis: This parasitic condition is the most common waterborne diarrheal disease in humans.

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