9 Fun Facts About Sleep

The Necessity of Sleep: Sleep researcher William Dement once claimed that the national sleep debt is a greater threat to the United States.

Circadian Rhythm: It’s Saturday morning—your one day to sleep in.

The Sleep Cycle: The process of sleep occurs in five distinct stages that repeat about every 90 minutes.

REM Sleep: REM sleep is the stage in which dreams occur. It is characterized by an accelerated heart rate. 

REM Rebound: Though the precise function of REM sleep is fiercely debated, the fact that we need REM sleep is not.

The Function of Dreams: The phenomenon of REM rebound suggests that dreams serve a purpose beyond mere entertainment.

Dream Content: Has a friend ever approached you excitedly and announced.

Insomnia: A Common Sleep Disorder: The most commonly reported sleep disorder is insomnia, experienced by approximately 10 to 15 percent of adults.

Hypnic Jerks: Something strange sometimes occurs between sleep stages 1 and 2. 

John Tyler (1841-1845): Tyler was the only president to hold office in the Confederacy.

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