9 Incredible Lizards That Look Like Dragons

Komodo Dragon They are capable of growing up to 10 ft, and the heaviest ever recorded weighed more than 300 pounds. 

Phillipine Sailfin Lizard This species is found on several islands in the Philippines. 

The red-eyed crocodile skink (Tribolonotus  gracilis) is a small species, only reaching 7 to 9 inches long.

 Northern Caiman Lizard Their head is red to orangish, and their body is tropical green. Caiman lizards will grow around 2 to 4 inches and weigh around 10 lbs. 

This species is believed to have evolved from land iguanas to be able to traverse into the ocean’s waters.

The Chinese water dragon (Physignathus cocincinus) is a species native to east China, but also inhabits areas in Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, Laos, and Vietnam. 

 Bearded Dragon This lizard gets its name from the beard of spikes that appear under its neck.

This lizard species is small in size, only growing up to 8.4 inches long, but is able to take flight like a dragon. 

Armadillo Girdled Lizards (Ouroborus cataphractus) is a dragon-like species that also have similar traits to an armadillo. 

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