A Grand Tour of European cities

Heading 1

Amsterdam (Netherlands) - the Jordaan: Explore one of the most beautiful and welcoming cities in Europe.

Munich (Germany) - Marienplatz: When visiting Munich for the first time, the first place to see is the city's main square, Marienplatz.

Seville: the royal palace and garden: In Seville, you will see the Real Alcázar, a majestic palace in which numerous architectural styles are combined in tremendous harmony. 

Munich: 300 steps to glory: Bring the day's sightseeing to a close at the beautiful church of Saint Peter, the oldest in the city. 

Bucharest: churches: If you see any church in Bucharest - and you will see many - don't be put off by their exposed brick and humble appearance. 

Amsterdam: flower market: And, of course, you can't mention Amsterdam without talking about tulips and flowers (the cliché is real!).

Baku (Azerbaijan) - old town: Yes, Azerbaijan is within three hours of (at least some part of) Europe, and thus you could include it in your Grand Tour. 

Glasgow (Scotland) - George Square: If you get to Glasgow, visit George Square in the heart of the city.

London: Make the most of the good weather: If the weather is good, a cheap and impressive destination is Hyde Park.