A guide to taking your dog on a road trip

Do a checkup: Take your dog for a checkup before you go on a big trip.

Get your dog’s documents in order: You should organize all your dog’s documents and bring them with you.

Get your dog’s documents in order: If you don’t have it already, then pet insurance is advisable.

Download useful apps: Depending where you are in the world, there are apps out there that allow you to look for dog-friendly hotels.

Make a list of useful contacts: If you already know where you’re heading, make a list of vets, animal poison centers, and other useful organizations.

Know the rules and regulations of your destination: Some places you just can’t take dogs, but rules vary depending on where you're traveling.

Beware of wildlife: If you’re visiting a national park or other area where wildlife are a threat.

Motion sickness: Some dogs get over it with a few rides, but others not so much.

Test Ride: It’s important that your dog is used to the car.

Food time: Feed your dog a light meal, about three to four hours prior to traveling.

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