A Hacker Reveals Our Dangerous Mistakes

1. Our emotions can get us into trouble: Most modern-day breaches contain an element of what’s known as social engineering.

2. Some of us will believe any link in an email is genuine: Do not click on any links in any emails, and always visit a website direct.

3. We're too truthful: “Where were you born?” or “what’s your mother’s maiden name?” are two of the most common questions on websites.

4. We share unnecessarily...Don’t share personal information with any network or site unless they need to know for a very important reason. 

5. ...especially on social media: The more personal information you share online the more your details are accessible to someone wanting to get their hands on it.

6. Our social media profiles are often open: On your Facebook account, head to the menu in the top right corner of the screen.

7. We give away too much in exchange for ‘free’ apps: It can be possible for hackers to download spyware onto your device through apps.

8. We don't clear our browser history: This is quite an important tip to use if you’re going to be using the same device as someone else, for example your home computer or a friend’s iPad.

9. What you need to have installed: The most important anti-hacker products to use are anti-virus software, which scans regularly, and an ad blocker.

10. We use the same password time after time: The most important advice is to never, ever use the same password twice. If one account is compromised.

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