About Greta Thunberg

The Thunbergs - Greta Thunberg was born on January 3, 2003, in Stockholm, Sweden. She was born into a fairly famous family.

Climatizing - Thunberg claims that she first heard about climate change when she was eight.

Small setbacks - When she was 11, Thunberg started showing signs of Asperger syndrome, OCD, and selective mutism.

Every word counts - Thunberg has described selective mutism as speaking only when she needed to, stating "now is one of those moments."

On the spectrum - She has also seen the benefit of being on the "spectrum," saying that she sees "almost everything" as "black or white."

A matter of life or death - The activist has said that "I feel like I am dying inside if I don't protest."

Skipping school to save the world - Thunberg has cut class to focus on protests. "[We] respect that she wants to make a stand.

Starting at home - Greta's influence started at home. She has influenced her parents into a vegan diet, and persuaded them to give up flying.

Inspiration - Thunberg first came up with the idea of a climate strike after watching school children skipping out on class after school shootings in February 2018.

Momentum -
Thunberg's star started to shine in May 2018, when she won a writing competition held by Svenska Dagbladet, which focused on the environment.

Bo Thorén - After her article was published, she got in contact with Bo Thorén who helped her plan a climate change strike.

School protest - Starting on August 20, 2018, Thunberg refused to attend school until September 9, the date of the Swedish general election. 

Student strikes worldwide - Greta made public demands of the Swedish government, asking for reduced carbon emissions.

More strikes - As of December 2018, over 20,000 students held strikes in at least 270 cities around the world.

Going to Brussels - In October 2018, she took part in the Rise for Climate demonstration outside the European Parliament in Brussels.

Women's Day - On International Women's Day, Sweden voted Thunberg as the most important woman of 2019.

Nobel Peace Prize candidate - In March 2019, Swedish parliamentarians and deputies nominated Greta Thunberg as a Nobel Peace Prize candidate.

A big impact -
In just a short amount of time, Greta has made a big impact on the world.

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