About Lauren Sanchez

A special space mission - Lauren Sanchez, an American journalist who has been a partner of Jeff Bezos since 2020, will lead the first space mission made up entirely of women.

Thrill for adventure - The sports reporter told The Wall Street Journal: "I'm super excited about it. And a little nervous."

A female journey - The space mission, which will take place in early 2024, is not only the first for Lauren Sanchez but will also be the first to have an entire crew of women.

Space history - Obviously, Blue Origin, the company founded by Jeff Bezos, will be in charge of this historic space trip.

Five members, four mysteries - Blue Origin confirmed that there will be five female crew members but, beyond Sanchez, the identities of the other four are unknown.

We will have to wait until 2024 - As the launch date approaches, the company will reveal the names of the rest of the crew.

In competition with NASA - The launch date and 100% female crew are not accidental. Blue Origin is aspiring to stay ahead of NASA and its Artemis program.

Artemis Program - This NASA program is intended to take the first female astronauts to the Moon. However, that won't happen until 2025, a year after the announced Blue Origin mission.

Target: the moon - In fact, Blue Origin is also working on a lunar lander. They name it 'Blue Moon.' It is scheduled to launch in 2024.

Lauren Sanchez's experience - For those who doubt Lauren Sanchez's ability to lead a space mission, you should know that she has tremendous experience when it comes to flying.

Helicopter pilot - Lauren Sanchez not only has a helicopter pilot's license but is also the founder of 'Black Ops Aviation,' an aerial film production company run entirely by women.

Passion for heights - In fact, as she recalls in an interview with The New York Times, after leaving her parents' house at the age of 18, flying was "the first thing I really did on my own."

Two days of training - In fact, Blue Origin confirms the full training that the flight crew will receive will only take two days.

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